West coast division operation strategy

The fort was poorly situated on a floodplain and virtually indefensible against gunboats, with many of its guns under water. Because of the previous neutrality of Kentucky, the Confederates could not build river defenses at a more strategic location inside the state, so they settled for a site just inside the border of Tennessee.

West coast division operation strategy

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Although the great powers of Europe had declared war on one another, neither side had yet committed to launching a significant attack, and there was relatively little fighting on the ground.

This was also the period in which the United Kingdom and France did not supply significant aid to Poland, despite their pledged alliance. While most of the German Army was fighting against Poland, a much smaller German force manned the Siegfried Linetheir fortified defensive line along the French border.

At the Maginot Line on the other side of the border, French troops stood facing them, whilst the British Expeditionary Force and other elements of the French Army created a defensive line along the Belgian border. There were only some local, minor skirmishes.

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The British Royal Air Force dropped propaganda leaflets on Germany and the first Canadian troops stepped ashore in Britain, while Western Europe was in a strange calm for seven months.

In their hurry to re-arm, Britain and France had both begun to buy large numbers of weapons from manufacturers in the United States at the outbreak of hostilities, supplementing their own production. The non-belligerent United States contributed to the Western Allies by discounted sales of military equipment and supplies.

German efforts to interdict the Allies' trans-Atlantic trade at sea ignited the Battle of the Atlantic. In doing so, the Germans beat the Allies to the punch; the Allies had been planning an amphibious landing in which they could begin to surround Germany, cutting off her supply of raw materials from Sweden.

However, when the Allies made a counter-landing in Norway following the German invasion, the Germans repulsed them and defeated the Norwegian armed forces, driving the latter into exile.

West coast division operation strategy

The Kriegsmarine, nonetheless, suffered very heavy losses during the two-months of fighting required to seize all of mainland Norway. The Western Allies primarily the French, Belgian and British land forces soon collapsed under the onslaught of the so-called " blitzkrieg " strategy.

The majority of the British and elements of the French forces escaped at Dunkirk. With the fighting ended, the Germans began to consider ways of resolving the question of how to deal with Britain.

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If the British refused to agree to a peace treaty, one option was to invade. However, Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarinehad suffered serious losses in Norway, and in order to even consider an amphibious landingGermany's Air Force the Luftwaffe had to first gain air superiority or air supremacy.

While the majority of the German army was mustered for the invasion of the Soviet Unionconstruction began on the Atlantic Wall — a series of defensive fortifications along the French coast of the English Channel. These were built in anticipation of an Allied invasion of France.

A scout car has been abandoned Because of the massive logistical obstacles a cross-channel invasion would face, Allied high command decided to conduct a practice attack against the French coast. Most of the troops were Canadian, with some British contingents and a small American and Free French presence along with British and Polish naval support.

The raid was a disaster, almost two-thirds of the attacking force became casualties.

West coast division operation strategy

However, much was learned as a result of the operation — these lessons would be put to good use in the subsequent invasion.

The bulk of the Allied armies were occupied in the Mediterraneanseeking to clear the sea lanes to the Indian Ocean and capture the Foggia Airfield Complex.

This instance of tying prisoner's hands contributed to Hitler's decision to issue his Commando Order instructing that all captured Commandos or Commando-type personnel were to be executed as a matter of procedure.

By the summer ofwhen expectation of an Allied invasion was freely admitted by German commanders, the disposition of troops facing it came under the command of OB West HQ in Paris. In turn it commanded three groups: It was not possible to predict where the Allies might choose to launch their invasion.

The chance of an amphibious landing necessitated the substantial dispersal of the German mobile reserves, which contained the majority of their panzer troops. Each army group was allocated its mobile reserves.

The OKW retained a substantial reserve of such mobile divisions also, but these were dispersed over a large area: The Second Front[ edit ].Contact the West Coast Region; with partner resource agencies to oversee implementation of 72 reasonable and prudent alternative actions and real-time water operations in Clear Creek, Sacramento River, American River, Stanislaus River, and the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

Interagency Drought Strategy. Fish Agencies . Find contact information to reach Allied Wire and Cable's West Coast location, in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Western Theater of the American Civil War encompassed major military operations in the states of Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina, Kentucky, South Carolina and Tennessee, as well as Louisiana east of the Mississippi urbanagricultureinitiative.comions on the coasts of these states, except for Mobile Bay, are considered part of the Lower Seaboard Theater.

Operation ICEBERG, as the plan for the Okinawa campaign was officially called, marked the entrance of the United States upon an advanced stage in the long execution of its strategy in the Pacific. Some 4, miles of ocean, and more than three years of war, separated Okinawa from Pearl Harbor.

In fact, the primary Allied objective was Bougainville and, on November 1, the U.S. 3rd Marine Division landed at Empress Augusta Bay, on the island’s west coast, and secured a .

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