Supergroup jan and jun 2013

The group went to Lake George, NY for our annual camping trip! Zee and Tom's paper on the encapsulation of a transition metal catalyst in a metal-organic framework for the hydrogenation of CO2 is published in JACS!

Supergroup jan and jun 2013

The Making of a Supergroup by C. He went out with the band on the Destroyer tour and each subsequent one until Crazy Nights. The author with Paul's girlfriend from the Brazil tour. There are more than a few pictures of the author, cigar in hand, with some leggy blonde, outside, in, or on the way to the world's finest restaurants.

Lendt's job was created by Glickman and Marks after Kiss hired them in Alive broke the band huge, and while Bill Aucoin manager and Neal Bogart Casablanca Records owner, soon to be immortalized by Justin Timberlake on the silver screen were masters of hype and spectacle, their talents did not extend to financial management.

Kiss and Sell is exactly the Kiss book I was looking for. I imagine this is ten thousand times worse to Gene and Paul than any airing of dirty laundry. I learned details that Gene and Paul omit or completely misrepresent elsewhere.

I'm sure they'd be happy if this book didn't exist. On the other hand, it helped me better understand where they were coming from with the reunion tour and actually convinced me the deal they gave Ace and Peter was probably more than fair.

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Of the Kiss books out there, you've got Paul and Gene's Gredo-fires-first-esque official biography of the band, which while not exactly inaccurate seems about as unbiased as a North Korean Encyclopedia. Gene's, Ace's and Peter's books, which are all fantastic but unavoidedly biased towards their own points of view - and in the case of Ace's, as-told-to-its-author, who barely remembers most of the 70s or 80s.

Primarily claims Gene has made - and continues to make. Paul's is still to come, of course, so we'll see how that fits into the mix. Sean Delaney the Neil Aspinall of Kiss lore did write an autobiographywhich I haven't read and given its price tag likely never will.

And the ghost of Bill Aucoin can be found on YouTube telling some of Kiss's more well-known antics from the glory days, but he never wrote a book.

Haven't read any of those and don't plan to. It's possible to triangulate some version of events from all the above, but I personally would rather piece together the story from just the financials.

And when it comes to Kiss, a book like this one Lendt'stold from the perspective of someone accountable to both the band members and to the people who managed their money and who clearly has a perfectly reasonable affection for not just the band but his time spent with them, is unique.

That sort of thing "hey! It was a carnival atmosphere. Food stands featuring Ferrara's pastries from Little Italy, clams from Umberto's, sausages, calzones, zeppole, German draft beer, chianti in wicker-wrapped bottles, anisette and sambuca, Perugina candies, were all available in prodigious quantities.

Brightly lit neon and electric signs had been erected above the food stands, standing out in sharp relief against the darkness. An arcade of pinball, video, and electronic games had been set up in an adjacent stand under a separate circus tent.

There were girls in striped T-shirts, girls in culottes, and girls in hot pants. Many wore lace-up boots, and a few were decked out in platform shoes painted with glittery colors. A couple wore maxicoat-style shirtdresses with their heads wrapped in paisley scarves.

Particularly when girls are involved: Jewelery in heaps - necklaces, pendants, chains, trinkets, turquoise pieces, gold charms, Indian artifacts, silver amulets - all dangling around people's neck, onto their limbs, and on their wrists and fingers. Long hair was the common denominator - straight, kinky, fluffy, wavy, curly, layered, swept back, braided, blow-dried, and dried-out.

As for me, when it comes to recreating a scene in my own mental holodeck from the written word, few things are more useful than a laundry list of details with no ax-to-grind getting in the way.

Not that there aren't some wonderful anecdotes of and insights into the original line-up. Let's start with some of those and then go chronologically through the tours.

I'll try to let the quotations speak for themselves with minimal remarks from me. PETER "What Peter thrived on was the challenge of making you deal with him and having you succumb to his irrational rantings and ravings. On more than one occasion - with a completely straight face - he'd tell us his allergies always acted up when he was in L.

And Lendt and Peter appear to have developed a genuine friendship, going on vacation to Thailand together and palling around.

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One of the author's first jobs upon joining the Kiss organization was arranging for a proper headstone for Peter's deceased grandmother.

GENE "Gene was very egalitarian about who came into his room for sexual encounters. They were young and old, mothers and daughters, short and tall, fat and thin, beasts and beauties.

It was more of a mechanical, assembly-line operation than a hedonistic oasis.June 3, at pm What WOULD be the ultimate Nerd Supergroup? I’ve had the good fortune to converse at length with potential members including Stephen Hawking (subsequently on Star Trek: TNG, The Simpsons, and Futurama); Richard Feynman in duet with Murray Gell-Mann, Linus Pauling, Robert Lord May of Oxford, Freeman Dyson, Brian.

Supergroup jan and jun 2013

Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band will be hitting the stage at Casino Rama on Friday June the 6th , this super group lead by drummer & vocalist Starr, includes: Steve Lukather (Toto), Richard Page (Mr.

Mister), Gregg Rolie Continue reading. Jan 10, First song from the new Jimi Hendrix album released [listen here] Feb 10, Supergroup in the making: Pearl Jam, Guns n Roses and Screaming Trees members in. by Andrei Mihai in News. Jun 4, ; Incubus Guitarist Working on Pearl Jam Album - . shows.

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cavestomp & little steven's underground garage present new york rock n roll weekend! hosted by handsome dick manitoba! friday april 25 - the rock shop - brooklyn, ny (8pm). Dec 30,  · Kiss and Sell: The Making of a Supergroup by C.K.

Lendt Chris "C.K." Lendt was hired fresh out of business school by Glickman-Marks Management to be the on-hand liaison with the group, similar to an ad agency account executive.

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