Sex workers in canada essay

More than most other writers on these topics, however, Weeks connects all of these issues to feminism. People whose politics I respect mostly treated that phrase as a bit of laughable word salad. And as I noted recentlythe right-wing connection between the threat of socialism and the threat of loose sexual morality is not an arbitrary one. She also lamented the unfortunate state of the debate over sex work, which tends to be reduced to two equally inadequate positions:

Sex workers in canada essay

While many members of society view sex work as immoral and degrading to women, I argue that sex work is essentially just work, and that it is not necessarily harmful to women. Under circumstances in which sex work is accepted and regulated in society, in which the sex worker is protected and granted the same rights as any other laborer, sex work has the possibility to be beneficial to women.

Sex work can be very profitable for women, and many women may enjoy work that allows them to creatively express their sexuality. Sex work can allow human beings a way to safely explore their sexual desires in ways they cannot through the current social norm of heterosexual, monogamous relationships.

I argue prostitution should be legal. Morality provides no sound basis for law, as people governed by laws can not possibly all share the same moral beliefs.

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My argument is that prostitution should be made legal, sex workers offered the same rights and respect as workers in any other field, and that by doing this sex work can become something that benefits women and humanity in general.

I disagree with this conclusion on prostitution. Men do not own a prostitute when they are paying her for sex any more than a business man owns his factory workers.

If prostitutes are given the right to choose their clients and to Sex workers in canada essay sex at any point in which they feel unsafe or uncomfortable, prostitution is not a question of temporary ownership.

Another point Pateman makes in her essay distinguishes prostitution from other forms of work based on the product being paid for. Pateman argues that in other forms of labor work, the employer is paying for the product of the labor, and not the labor itself.

In prostitution, the physical labor itself is the commodity Pateman, This argument does not hold up. Workers in any entertainment field, such as stage actors, dancers, or comedians, are paid for their actual labor, not any product which is produced by their labor.

In this way, one can view the prostitute as an entertainer; the root of each type of work is essentially the same: Finally, Pateman argues that because sexuality is so intertwined with ones personality and identity, to sell sex is to sell oneself Again, this argument is unconvincing.

It is true that prostitutes are paid for exerting one aspect of their personality their sexuality. However, prostitution is not unique in this sense. Many workers earn a living by exerting a strong aspect of their personality.

Managers are paid for their leadership abilities, teachers for their patience, and waiters for their extroversion. Why, then, is it wrong for a prostitute to profit from her sexuality?

Once we recognize that sex work is not inherently exploitative of women, the question becomes: Before sex work can benefit women, it must first cease to endanger women.

I argue that the most essential condition to reduce harm to sex workers is to legalize and legitimize sex work, and provide sex workers with the same rights as other workers. She calls first for a distinction between forced and voluntary prostitution.

It needs to be recognized that not all sex workers are forced into sex work; that an individual can consciously decide to engage in sex work.

Sex workers in canada essay

In addition to this, forced prostitution and sex trafficking need to be eliminated. Next, Alexander asserts that prostitution needs to be regulated by the same occupational safety and health regulations offered to workers in other labor industries.

Sex workers need protection from exploitation by third-party managers. They ask for limits on the proportion of their income that managers can take and for benefits like health insurance and sick days.

They need access to training on sexually transmitted diseases, dealing with dangerous clients, and self-defense in case of an attack. Prostitutes should have the right to travel between states and countries just like any other worker.

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Sex workers need protection by law enforcement officers, to enforce laws against physical and sexual assault, kidnapping, extortion and fraud. Sex workers should have the right to unionize, and should be able to choose whether they work on their own, in groups, or with managers. As presented in the film Live Nude Girls Unite!

Even in legal forms of sex work, like exotic dancing, women of color are discriminated against.anarchism and other essays summary of the great essay film gallipoli italy attention getting devices for essays au cirque maurice careme illustration essay chopin.

Sex Workers in Canada Essay Words | 16 Pages. Sometimes, the term “sex work” is used, as well as “prostitution”. But whichever term we choose to say, it does not eliminate the stigma attached to it. The Problem With (Sex) Work it unexceptional. “Jobs” are degrading because capitalism is degrading, because waged work is degrading Sex workers don’t want to make prostitution “a job like any other.” It’s already our job.

Laura Agustin has an interesting discussion of the status of sex work in an essay for The. As long as Western workers keep using immigration laws to further impoverish workers in poorer countries, and restrict labor competition by shutting them out of the market, I think they shouldn’t be allowed to complain about anything.

This essay focuses mainly on street prostitution in Canada, and on women, who represent the majority (75%) of prostitute workers. It mainly attempts to describe prostitution, its social, health and safety consequences.

Sex workers in canada essay

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