Regional economic development essays in honour of franois perroux

For this we thank its directors and staff, as well as the Fellows in residence from January to June 1 We also want to thank the two anonymous reviewers for their careful and attentive reading of the first draft.

Regional economic development essays in honour of franois perroux

Complexity, diversity and Otherness of non-Western discourse Chapter 8Unfamiliar voices from the Other: A critical study of mainland Chinas historical discourse from a Hong Kong perspective Lawrence Wang-chi Wong Chapter 13A nascent paradigm for non-Western discourse studies: An epilogue Narcisa Paredes-Canilao Contributors viii Contents Acknowledgements We would like to express our sincere thanks to the series editor, Monica Heller, for her continued interest in and invaluable suggestions for the book.

We also want to thank Lut Lams for her enthusiastic help and support in the initial stage of the project. Shi-xu and Manfred Kienpointner are grateful to the editor of Pragmatics for allowing them to reproduce part of their paper11 [3] in Chapter 6. Finally, all of us wish to thank Wendy Zhao as well as Xiao Yang and Hu Rong for their meticulous work in the last stage of editing.

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Paradigmatic reorientation Chapter 1The study of non-Western discourse Shi-xu The present volume offers studies of non-Western discourse.

It has two interrelat-ed aims. First, it will argue that non-Western discourse cannot be contained in a universal, general or integrated theory of linguistic communication or dis-course but must be understood in a culturally pluralist perspective.

To that end, the book will critically examine the dominant universalist discourse in the pro-fession in terms of its theoretical inadequacy and political consequences. Further, it will explore the thoroughly cultural nature of discourse, scienti c language in-cluded, as it outlines a culturally pluralist vision.

In addition, it will present em-pirical research to show the incommensurable difference and contrast between the Western and non-Western discourses on the same and different issues.

In this way, the book makes for a case of non-Western, non-White and Third-World discourse as a legitimate, necessary and normal part of discourse research.

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To take the proposed pluralist view of discourse seriously, secondly, the present book will also study the case of China and Hong Kongs public and mediated dis-courses on the latters historic transition from colonialism.

In particular, as a way of reclaiming non-Western discourse, it will attempt to highlight the complexity, diversity and forms of otherness of those discourses. To achieve these purposes, it will focus on the discourses which have been marginalized in their Western counterparts and seek to identify and document the Chinese and Hong Kongs speci c ways of speaking their concepts, concerns, aspirations, resistance, ver-bal strategies, etc.

In the process, it will draw upon culturally different methods and local speci c context. Let me make explicit the problems that have motivated the present book; this will make clear the relevance and urgency of our endeavor here.

On the one hand, there seems to be a dominant universalistic ideology operating in the mainstream discourse scholarship. That is, here linguistic communication or discourse is of-ten assumed to be an independently given and neutral means of representation and, furthermore, to have universal properties and therefore function universal-ly.

Issues, questions and data in empirical research, too, are routinely proffered as universally interesting and replicable.

Think of English data as the normal, questions of self and identity as the central, or the issue of politeness as the natural. On closer inspection, however, theoretical notions more often than not turn out to derive from Western traditions, Western Weltanschauung and West-ern realities; in many cases they can be traced to the Western projects of Structur-alism and the Enlightenment Carey ; McQuail this volume; Shi-xu Empirical questions, too, often embody Western phenomena, experiences, inter-ests and concerns.

When Western theoretical discourse totalizes, non-Western, non-White and Third-Word metadiscourses are effectively excluded or margin-alized.

Regional economic development essays in honour of franois perroux

Further, when Western phenomena are privileged as the central, gen-eral or standard object of enquiry, discourses from Non-Western, non-White and Third-World cultures, including the constituent outlooks, perspectives, con-cerns and aspirations, etc.

To re-claim non-Western discourse, at both theoretical and empirical levels, then is ur-gently called for. On the other hand, as we enter the new millennium, the division and alien-ation among the worlds populations are being deepened Bauman ; Hunting-ton The erstwhile Cold War is now replaced by the new world dis order: Indeed, the global animos-ity, coupled with world capitalism and neo-colonial expansion, has made cultural coexistence and common progress more dif cult than ever before.

The irony of this international antagonism and fragmentation is that the global village is be-coming increasingly interconnected and interdependent at the same time, in -nance and trade, the environment and health, and regional and international af-fairs, through accelerated advancement in communication technologies, human migration and international travel.

Time and again, we have seen that what we say or do here can impact upon, change, even eliminate, lives there; prob-lems there can quickly become problems here. To pay more attention to non-Western discourses, then, is also badly needed for the survival of the human cul-tural world.

The situation is almost desperate, but not hopeless. In fact, we believe that a cultural-political approach to discourse research can intervene and make a dif-ference. In particular, we want to advocate as a most timely and effective strate-gy a radical cultural turn to non-Western discourse, hence the titular imperative, Read the Cultural Other.

In drawing critical attention to the domination over and marginalization of non-Western discourses in the discourse scholarship, we have no intention of course to deny or overshadow the work already existing in the eld e. But endeavors such as these are few and far between and rather weak under the West-dominated, universalizing aura.

Given the cur-rent international cultural imbalance and disorder in the social sciences and hu-manities, the struggle against cultural imperialism in general and universalism in particular will be a long and arduous process. To resist the rampant universal-ist discourse and to combat the continued marginalization of non-Western, non-White and Third-World concerns, materials, methods, theories and worldviews, more groups and institutions must get involved and more systematic and wider-ranging research conducted.

Theorizing non-Western discourse What constitutes non-Western discourse? We shall try to answer this question by way of outlining the framework of the present studies this will be detailed in the rest of Part I.Reviews Regional Economic Development: Essays in Honour of Francois Perroux.

Edited by Benjamin Higgins and Donald J. Savoie. Boston, MA: Unwin Hyman. , $, pages. This skillfully Grafted volume in honor of late Professor Francois Perroux is an important contribution to the regional development literature.

Request PDF on ResearchGate | Modeling Agglomeration and Dispersion in City and Country: Gunnar Myrdal, FranÁois Perroux, and the New Economic Geography | The “new economic geography” is a. Regional Economic Development: Essays in Honour of Francois Perroux (Routledge Library Editions: Urban and Regional Economics) - Kindle edition by Benjamin Higgins, Donald J.

Savoie. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or urbanagricultureinitiative.comcturer: Routledge. The book is in honour of François Perroux, the father of regional development theory, whose contributions to two important concepts in economics - time and space - have been substantial.

The book comprises five parts.

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Part one covers Perroux's work in general and on growth poles in particular. International journal of honour in essays regional economic development franois perroux of physics.

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