Highlighting and underlining

Decide what the main idea is and which are the supporting details. Always try to make your own sentences. Select key words and short phrases to make smooth and complete sentences. Sometimes you may have to write in a word or two to make the sentence complete.

Highlighting and underlining

Why would I write on my Bible? What if I want to take back what I did? These are all questions that stopped me from ever getting into the highlighting underlining Bible marking madness that so many have embraced! However, I have to admit that this summer I gave in.

In fact, gave in is an understatement. It would be better to say I plunged in, headfirst with enthusiasm. I realised that underlining and writing can be an excellent tool that helps me read the Scripture deeper and more attentively. Instead, it just clutters a page and brackets off the Scripture in an unnatural way.

For me, these approaches distract reading and study rather than assist. What I am proposing here is something very different. So if you think like me, perhaps this will be useful for you. I got the Sakura 01 Ink Colour set.

Literary devices and themes. I use this colour to represent anything of structural Gen 2: Anything notable, interesting, or repeated within a section rather than the whole book which would be green. When you read a page, black underlines tend not to draw your eye as much, so it blends into the background.

Highlighting and underlining

In the New Testament epistles I am using brown to highlight eschatological contrasts ie. It draws attention to a prominent theme in the NT. This helps me notice the expanding theme of the Messiah throughout the whole Bible.

Allusions or quotations of earlier Scripture. This is very helpful since there are so many allusions to earlier Scripture but I easily miss or forget them. So as I read large portions of the Bible or Biblical studies books, I keep my eyes open for these themes. It helps me pay attention better, notice things I may not have seen before, record insights I may forget, but also helps me find things again easily when I skim through a book Bible Marking Examples Here are three examples of the method in action.

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Forgive the crummy iPhone photos. Click on any of the images for a larger version. They were given to Adam and Eve Gen 1:Microsoft Word. In the first lesson of this Microsoft Word tutorial, we familiarized you with the Word window.

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In this lesson, you will learn how create a Microsoft Word document. How to underline or highlight a reading Study begins when you decide what you will learn. When you underline, you decide what you will learn. If you underline accurately, you will be able to review and make notes more easily.

Remember always that the main purpose of underlining is to reduce the amount of material to be specifically remembered and thus to be reviewed.

Review--often, regularly, and quickly--the material underlined/highlighted. I’m an avid self-learner (or so I like to think of myself) and books are the first thing I go to for learning anything.

I have seldom ever highlighted or underlined anything in any one of my books.

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I’ve always preferred writing more than marking. Highlighting or underlining key words and phrases or major ideas is the most common form of annotating texts.

Many people use this method to make it easier to review material, especially for exams. Highlighting is also a good way of picking out specific language within a text that you may want to cite or quote in a piece of writing.

Dec 20,  · I have a couple of magazines that are in PDF format that I use in my studies. I like to highlight, underline and etc., in Adobe Acrobat.

Both magazines.

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