Euthanasia people should have the right to choose

Top Regulating euthanasia Those in favour of euthanasia think that there is no reason why euthanasia can't be controlled by proper regulationbut they acknowledge that some problems will remain.

Euthanasia people should have the right to choose

People Should Have the Right to Choose There are many sides to the dilemma of whether or not euthanasia should be carried out. There is the question of morality, the question of active versus passive euthanasia and the question of when euthanasia should be put into use.

None of these questions are totally cut and dry. There seem to be more gray areas within this issue than there are black and white. Yet when you look at the problem on a personal level with the actual individuals involved, some of those gray areas almost disappear.

People are put on this earth to live. Euthanasia is therefore a necessary evil for those whose practical life is in effect over due to a terminal illness or otherwise life devastating condition.

If a person is in unbearable pain and close to death or is in a vegetable state and no longer able to function, their life is by all practical means over. There is no reason to keep them alive.

The only way to end their physical life is by euthanasia. The question is whether to do this by way of active euthanasia or passive euthanasia. Many are against active euthanasia because in this case you actually kill the person rather than letting them die.

The only choice to make after this fact is established is which of these means better carries out the end.

James Rachels, a philosophy professor, says that, "if one simply withholds treatment [in the way of passive euthanasia], it may take the patient longer to die, and so he may suffer more than he would if more direct action were taken and a lethal injection given.

Therefore, in cases where euthanasia is going to be carried out, active euthanasia is the better choice. The problem with euthanasia then lies in defining the conditions under which it would be carried out. Cases where depression or painful, though not terminal, diseases are involved should not have the option of euthanasia.

Clear cut cases would be those in which the patient has a terminal illness that causes them incredible pain as they get closer to death. Euthanasia would end the needless suffering and quicken the already inevitable death. There are also the cases involving people in a vegetative state.

Sometimes their bodies can function on their own and live with the help of intravenous nourishment.

 · The right to assisted suicide is a significant topic that concerns people all over the United States. The debates go back and forth about whether a dying patient has the right to die with the assistance of a  · A Right to Choose Death? A moral argument for the permissibility of euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide.* F. M. Kamm. Do people have a right to choose death? If people have the right to live, do we also have the right to die? This question is what brought controversy to the situation concerning mercy killing. Today, mercy killing, properly known as euthanasia, is a term used when terminally ill patients request to be killed by

Other times they need countless machines to regulate their breathing as well as their heart. In all of these cases the individual has lost the brain capacity to be conscious and to think.

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Without our thoughts we would not truly be alive. People in this condition can only cause pain to their loved ones. There is no legitimate reason not to end their lives when their quality of life has already deteriorated to almost nothing.

Cases in which a living will is concerned are legitimate since the person involved has the right to dictate what happens to their bodies but they are less clear cut.

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Take, for example, the case of a person who has specified in their will not to take any extraordinary means by way of medicine in order to save their life if a medical emergency were to come up.

This person then has a heart attack and dies because the doctors are not allowed to do anything to save them. A heart attack is by no means a terminal illness. · Demanding a "right to commit suicide" Probably the second most common point pro-euthanasia people bring up is this so-called "right." But what we are talking about is not giving a right to the person who is killed, but to the person who does the I know women have rights and this is one f them.

there are some good things about abortion, but also some bad. it is just the same for euthanasia. people have a right to euthanasia.

Euthanasia people should have the right to choose

but it doesn't mean to use it senselessly by saying kill  · The Case for Voluntary Euthanasia. We believe that everyone has the right to choose how they live and die.

Each person has value and is worthy of respect, has basic rights and freedoms and the power to control his or her destiny. Many people do not want to spend the last days or weeks of their life in a way which, to them, is  · Competent people should have right to choose the timing and manner of death.

Justice: Justice requires that we "treat like cases alike." Competent, terminally ill patients have the legal right to refuse treatment that will prolong their  · The subject of this article is what caught my attention at first.

I completely agree that people should have the right to choose when they /should-people-be-able-choose-when-die. · People should have the freedom to believe what they will; freedom of belief and religion is an important right, as long as it does not impact adversely on

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