Essay on the role of women in contemporary india

According to census, there were Roughly, there are women for every men.

Essay on the role of women in contemporary india

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Select Page Status of Women in India Essay Variety of essays on status of women in India are given below to help students during essay writing competition in their school.

It is a most common topic now-a-days which students may be assigned for to write some paragraphs or complete essay. All the essays are written using very simple and easy words so students may select any of them according to their need. Long and Short Essay on Status of Women in India in English Status of Women in India Essay 1 words The status of women in ancient India was quite high esteemed however it got deteriorated with the passage of time and mentality of people towards women.

Slowly the practice of polygamy, sati pratha, dowry system, female infanticide, etc became dominated and gave rise to the male dominated country.

Great Indian leaders had worked a lot to again raise the status of women in the Indian society. Because of their hard work bad practices against women in the Indian society have been banned to a great extent. Government of India has implemented various effective laws regarding safety and empowerment of the women.

Status of Women in India Essay 2 words Earlier in the Vedic times, women were given lots of respect and honor in the Indian society.

They were equally given opportunities like men to develop socially, intellectually and morally. They were completely free to choose their own path in the life and select life partner.

They were getting complete education before marriage as well as military training for their own safety. However, women status in the Indian society got deteriorated in the middle ages because of various bad practices against women. The position of women became inferior when they supposed to be plaything of man and decoration of drawing room.

Women became almost slave of man passions and forced to live behind purdah. They were left their rights of education and property. However again in the independent India, women are enjoying perfect equality with the man. They are raising their voice and help in shaping the destiny of country.

Status of Women in India Essay 3 words The status of women in the ancient Indian society was quite better however in the middle age it got deteriorated. Various ill practices came into existence against women which deteriorated the women status. Slowly they became the weaker sex in the society because men used to keep women under their thumb.

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They were forced to obey men blindly as a dumb cattle living under four walls of the house. At some place in the country, women are still ill treated by the men even after the fast changes in the society.

Women are treated as living things of the house following all the old cultures, traditions and restrictions of the society. Earlier the elders of the family were not be happy on the birth of a female child in the home however they became double happy if the child was male.

They understood that male child will be source of money whereas female child will be consumer of money. Birth of daughter was supposed as curse to the family.

The gradual positive changes in the Indian society has been proved to be beneficial for the women status. Positive thinking of people has taken a swift speed which has changed human mind politically, economically and socially towards women.

Long and Short Essay on Status of Women in India in English

Status of Women in India Essay 4 words The condition of women in the Indian society especially in the middle age was so bad and inferior practically.

Women were considered as slave of men even after given high position in the scriptures. Theoretically the condition of women was high however practically it was low. Women were prohibited to take part in many domestic, social as well as external matters.

They were forced to live under the influence of parents before marriage whereas under the influence of husbands after marriage. The position of women became more worse in the Mughal time. Women were forced to follow the rules of sati pratha, parda pratha, and other bad practices against women.Short essay on role of women in modern india And one sentence thesis statement generator then the director and co-writer of Short Circuit changed the character to Indian [Mock] examples of college admissions essay Essay Paper for UPSC Mains Role of Educator.

Role of Women in Modern India: Women of modern India are held in high esteem. They are considered as equal to men in all respects.

It is the women who care for and nurture the children. They can infuse into them religious and pious feelings. The ideal example is that of Chatrapathi Shivaji. Rural women in India. In the national development, women plays equal and important role in India on the Gandhiji vision.

According the Indian constitution, women have more rights for enjoyment and privileges while they are urban women or rural women.

Essay on the role of women in contemporary india

Generally, most of the women are living in the urban area which is middle class and educated women. Role of women in modern India Essay Sample. The Constitution of India guarantees to all Indian women equality (Article 14), no discrimination by the State (Article 15(1)), equality of opportunity (Article 16), and equal pay for equal work (Article 39(d)).

Women in India constitute nearly 50% of its population. According to census, there were crores of women as against crores of men.

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Roughly, there are women for every men. % FREE Papers on Role of women in development essays. Sample topics, paragraph introduction help, research & more. Women Empowerment Essay Women Empowerment Essay Gender Roles Essay India Essay Education Essay Parents Essay.

Women Empowerment In India Essay The Challenges And Strategies Of Women Empowerment In Modern Society Words.

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