Debenture opinion

Financial Definition of debenture What It Is Debentures are bonds that are not secured by specific property or collateral. Instead, they are backed by the full faith and credit of the issuerand bondholders have a general claim on assets that are not pledged to other debt. Company XYZ could issue debentures instead.

Debenture opinion

The agenda must not be vague but should be clear and definite.

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Croydon Tramways, 1 Ch The agenda of a meeting whether it is a board meeting or any other meeting lists out the things to be done at a meeting and businesses to be discussed and transacted at a meeting.

The Companies Act, does not have any provision for the preparation or for the requirement of sending agenda for the board of directors meeting or general meetings but although not statutorily required laying down agenda for a meeting cannot be totally abondoned.

The order of businesses to be set out in the agenda is usually fixed in consultation with the chairman of the meeting and routine items such as confirmation of minutes of previous meeting and consideration of leave of absence of directors are mentioned first.

The word "meeting" also connotes that there should be at least two persons to constitute a meeting. This general rule is, however, subject to a statutory exception where even one person may validly constitute a meeting, e.

Get Free Legal Updates Provided that any comments given by the Comptroller and Auditor- General of India upon, or supplement to, the audit report shall be sent by the company to every person entitled to copies of audited financial statements under sub section 1 of section and also be placed before the annual general meeting of the company at the same time and in the same manner as the audit report. Provided that the branch auditor shall prepare a report on the accounts of the branch examined by him and send it to the auditor of the company who shall deal with it in his report in such manner as he considers necessary.
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Similarly, the Company Law Board may, under section and Section of the Companies Act,order that a single person shall constitute a valid meeting. The Court may also order a meeting to be called with a single member attending the meeting.

Sticky Fingers Restaurant Ltd. Except in such exceptional cases, meeting means and implies, meeting of more than one person. Under the Companies Act, there can be board meeting, general meeting and class meeting. In definitions given under Secretarial Standard-1, board meeting means a meeting duly convened and constituted of the Board or any Committee thereof' and under in definition giving Secretarial Standard-2, meeting or general meeting or extraordinary general meeting means a meeting of members duly convened by the Board or on the requisition of members.

From this it follows that there cannot be any meeting without a proper notice indicating tile subject matter to be discussed at the meeting.

Bank of Australia, 45 Ch D It is a general rule of common law that a corporate body is not properly constituted unless the notice of Meeting is Given to every member.

Mahabir Prasad Jalan v. Bajrang Prasad, [ Com Cases 81 Cal.

Debenture opinion

Place, time and proper authority of notice Ss. Potter, 1 Ch The logical necessity of a notice of a meeting, Smyth v. Darley, 2 HLCfurther implies that the persons attending the meeting must know the place as well as the time where and when the meeting is to be held.SECTION POWERS AND DUTIES OF AUDITORS AND AUDITING STANDARDS [Effective from 1st April, ; Sub-section (12) as amended by Companies (Amendment) Act, effective from 14th December, ](1) Every auditor of a company shall have a right of access at all times to the books of account and vouchers of the company, whether kept at the registered office of the company or at any .

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Statutes. A statute, also known as an Act, is a law passed by a Legislature. A debenture is a type of debt instrument that is not secured by physical assets or collateral. Debentures are backed only by the general creditworthiness and reputation of .

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Debenture opinion

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Nigeria: Companies and Allied Matters Act (Chapter 59)