Corporate governance case studies in the philippines

This report outlines the current status of market studies in six Latin American countries, describes good practices and identifies areas for improvement on how to make better use of this competition tool. The report results from a project, sponsored by the UK FCO, that aimed to understand how market studies were carried out in these six countries and what were the good practices in other OECD experienced jurisdictions.

Corporate governance case studies in the philippines

We are honest with ourselves and others, and honor our commitments. We trust, respect and support each other. We earn the trust of our colleagues and partners by operating with the highest ethical standards in all we do.

Chevron is committed to strong corporate governance structures and practices that help the company continue to achieve business results the right way.

The Board also oversees management and the succession of key executives. Chevron faces a broad array of risks. The Board has four standing committees, each composed solely of independent Directors: Each committee fulfills important responsibilities to help Chevron manage risks enterprisewide and compete more effectively to help build long-term stockholder value.

The committee reports its discussions to the full Board for consideration and action when appropriate. To assist in discharging its duties, the Executive Committee has established five subcommittees that specialize in various matters important to the company.

One such committee, the Global Issues Committee, oversees strategic corporate responsibility policy issues. In identifying Director nominees, the Board Nominating and Governance Committee utilizes a skills and qualifications matrix to maintain a balance of knowledge and experience across key dimensions.

The committee particularly considers leadership experience; expertise in science, technology, engineering, research or academia; extensive knowledge of governmental, regulatory, legal or public policy issues; expertise in finance, financial disclosure or financial accounting; experience in global business or international affairs; and environmental experience.

The committee also considers other factors as appropriate to meet the current needs of the Board and the company. The Board seeks to achieve diversity of age, gender and ethnicity and recognizes the importance of Board refreshment as demonstrated by our current average Board tenure of 4.

We understand that effective corporate governance, including an independent Board in which all Directors stand for election every year, is critical to our long-term success. In addition, we have a policy to obtain stockholder approval of any stockholder rights plan.

More information can be found at Chevron Corporate Governance. Fostering long-term and institution-wide relationships with stockholders and maintaining their trust and goodwill is a core Chevron objective.

In an effort to continuously improve our governance processes and communications, Chevron has developed and follows an Annual Engagement Plan and Process to systematically identify and plan engagements with our stockholders to proactively address important issues.

Corporate governance case studies in the philippines

The Annual Engagement Plan and Process is supervised by a committee of senior executive officers. Chevron conducts extensive engagements with key stockholders through our Corporate Governance department.

These engagements cover environmental, executive compensation, governance, human rights, operational, safety, social, and other current and emerging issues.

Corporate governance case studies in the philippines

We also have an extensive outreach effort through our Investor Relations department, in which members of senior management routinely meet with major investors to review Company strategies, financial and operating performance, capital allocation priorities, and near-term outlook.

These engagements help our Board and management understand and address the issues that are important to our stockholders. Of those meetings, our Chairman met with stockholders representing 24 percent of our outstanding stock.

In addition, our engagement team met with many of the stockholders who submitted proposals for inclusion in our Proxy Statement to discuss their concerns and objectives. Chevron values engagements with proponents and the stockholder proposal process and shares feedback from engagements with the Board and its relevant committees.

These successes were achieved through the demonstration of The Chevron Way behavior and a commitment to The Chevron Way values — diversity and inclusion, high performance, integrity and trust, partnership and protecting people and the environment.

It is on these values that the foundation of our company is built. Below are two examples of how we apply our core values to business decisions and position ourselves for success.This second fully revised edition of “Case Studies of Good Corporate Governance Practices” presents the experiences of a set of leading companies in Latin America in reforming and improving how their firms are governed, and the results these changes.

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Corporate Governance Case Studies In The Philippines