Combating inadequacies and overcrowding analysis and

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Combating inadequacies and overcrowding analysis and

Very often the pioneer work has been done by women's clubs or philanthropic organizations which have assumed the task of demonstrating to school authorities the practicability and value of such feeding.

The expensive machinery of education is wasted when it operates on a mind listless from hunger or befogged by indigestible food.

Whether the cause be poverty, ignorance, or carelessness, the child is the sufferer, and the painstaking work of the school lunch supervisors to secure wholesome and adequate noon meals for the school children at a minimum cost not only brings immediate benefit to the children, but exerts a widespread influence upon homes and parents, as the children carry to them reports of these concrete lessons in the science of proper selection, preparation, and hygiene of food.

The school luncheon must be simple, easily served and economical.

Combating inadequacies and overcrowding analysis and

It may consist of a hot dish, with some form of bread, and a choice of about two sweet dishes; milk or cocoa should always be obtainable.

Weekly menu in school with penny lunches and five-cent noon dinner Monday: Dates 1 cent Thursday: Jam sandwich, 1 cent Friday: The children come from their classrooms, form lines, usually in the interior play yards, and as they pass a given point take up a try, spoon, and whatever other utensils are necessary.

The line goes by the large containers of soup, which is dispensed in half-pint portionstot the children. The rule has been to have each child purchase first a half-pint bowl of soup, after which he may purchase any of the other items prepared that day.

After buying the soup the child passes along the table on which the other foods are displayed, choosing those which appeal to him. Behind these tables the picked pupils, in white gloves and aprons, and, in the case of the girls, caps, hand to the children the desired articles.

At the end of the line the associate manager stands to receive as many pennies as there are items of food on each child's tray. The child carries his lunch to one of the tables which have been set for that purpose, where the food is eaten.

After finishing the meal, the child takes the tray and oiled dishes to a designated place, where any remaining food is scraped into a pail and the bowls, trays, and utensils are neatly placed in piles ready to be washed.

This affords an opportunity for a lesson in practical domestic science If the noon meal is served at home, it may be somewhat more elaborate, provided the child has time to eat it in a leisurely fashion.

When he has to hurry back to school this fact must be taken into account, and no extra tax put on his digestive powers. New York] p. In fact, the custom of providing meals at school began in America with the high school, and most city schools have lunch rooms. Sometimes these are let by contract and there is no skilled supervision of the food supply.


But with the spread of the carefully supervised elementary school luncheon attention has been directed to the real needs of the high school youth and the opportunities for education in good eating habits. You require balanced Calories for Lunch.

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Combating inadequacies and overcrowding analysis and

ABSTRACT. While prisons in Africa are often considered the worst in the world many other prisons systems are worse off in terms of violence, overcrowding and a host of other problems.

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