An overview of the catacombs and christian persecutions

The Catacombs and Christian Persecutions The catacombs are the ancient underground cemeteries used by the Christians and the Jewish people in Rome. The Christian catacombs began in the second century and the hollowing out continued until the first half of the fifth century.

An overview of the catacombs and christian persecutions

Jews and Christians

LivItaly has an exclusive collaboration which will allow you to explore the catacombs with your group, your guide, a few flashlights and absolutely no one else. This is truly a unique experience reserved for LivItaly travelers! The best time to experience a place like Rome catacombs is at night, without any crowds and when the ambiance is more appropriate to truly revel in the mystery of this grave-site.

As your tour of the Capuchin Crypt ends and night begins to fall, your LivItaly guide will escort you to a private chauffeured car where you will be taken to the Catacombs of Priscilla for the next part of your Rome Catacombs Night Tour. Upon arrival at the Rome catacombs, your tour guide will give you a bit of background about what you can expect to see, getting you ready for an unforgettable evening of crypts, tombs and maybe even a ghost or two.

You will hear of the origins of the Priscilla Catacombs, explaining how Priscilla, a wealthy Roman noblewoman, turned her family burial ground into one of the most famous Christian burial grounds in the world, giving over 15, Christians a final place to rest across 15 miles of tunnels.

Perhaps you may even get to meet her if the evening allows… Follow your guide through more hidden passageways as they explain the numerous depictions of both Old and New Testament scenes which give us a modern day view of just how integral religion was to ancient people.

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Your guide will also give you a chronological overview of what being a Christian during the 2nd century meant and how everything changed under Emperor Constantine through the Edict of Milan which legalized Christianity.

All three rooms will tell the stories of the people behind the tombs, including those of a wealthier social status at the time.

An overview of the catacombs and christian persecutions

Your Catacombs Night Tour will end with a chauffeured drive back to your starting point in the city center. Please bear in mind though that in order to accommodate traveling families and friends, we do on rare occasion make the exception of adding an additional one to two guests in order not to split groups who are traveling together.

On that same note, you may find yourself on tour with less than six people. Your first stop- The Capuchin Crypt where you will see chandeliers made of skeletons. Inside the Capuchin Crypt with the bones of over 4, deceased Capuchin monks! Go back in time and discover how important the Christian religion was for the ancient Romans Explore the underground passageways in the Catacombs of Priscilla dating back years.

Learn about the secrets of the Catacombs of Priscilla with VIP access to 3 restricted rooms Follow your guide through hidden passageways to see one of the oldest depictions of the annunciation Learn all about the art work that depicts images of Madonna with a baby on her knee.Persecution in the Early Church: Did You Know?

As the writer of 1 Peter expressed it, “If you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but . The Catacombs of Rome (Italian: Catacombe di Roma) are ancient catacombs, underground burial places under Rome, Italy, of which there are at least forty, some discovered only in recent decades.

By the end of the first century, Christians were beginning to experience sporadic persecutions, initially at the hands of the Jewish authorities, later at the hands of Rome.

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By the third century, the persecutions were becoming more severe and widespread, though fortunately not too frequent. Christian History provides quality articles about the history of the Christian Church and is the official site of Christian History Magazine.

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An overview of the catacombs and christian persecutions

Exactly what I needed. Catacombs and Early Christian Churches From our meeting point we will jump in a taxi and head out of the city center to visit one of the most fascinating burial areas of early Christianity, San Domitlla.

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