An experience at the union college choir concert in reamer campus center

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An experience at the union college choir concert in reamer campus center

And chances are this could have been a global event. Don Rodbell to extract the first continuous high resolution core of the ancient lake.

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It also has important implications for our climate future. Delgado and Weidhaas are among the dozens of Union students and alumni who have done fieldwork with Rodbell in Peru and other parts of South America.

Over the past several decades, paleoclimatologists like Rodbell have used ice cores, cave deposits and lake sediment to develop proxy indicators of climate history. Dammed on the north and south by alluvial fans—material deposited by rivers—that come from moraines that are at leastyears old, the lake has not been overridden by glaciers in at least one million years, according to research by Jacqueline Smith Garver, former Union research professor.

Remarkably, there is little interaction between the local population and the lake, perhaps because much of the shore is lined by marshes and there are seasonal fluctuations in the water level. There is also contamination. The lake and the adjacent grazing areas have been polluted by runoff and dust from the nearby mining of copper, lead and zinc.

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As an unintended consequence, the Rio San Juan, which normally drains the lake, is seasonally redirected, carrying acid mine drainage into the lake. Scientists distribute stickers and fliers explaining the project and conservation efforts on the lake.

Plans are to launch a citizen science project in which teams of locals outfitted with GPS will take soil samples where their livestock graze. The hope is to get hundreds of samples to analyze at Union for lead, zinc, copper and other contaminants to document the full scope of regional mining contamination.

The project also plans to renovate an abandoned lakeside lodge for use by the National Park Service and as a way to promote ecotourism. But it is home to geologists and drillers acquiring the first continuous high resolution core record of the lake, and data on the global climate record.

An experience at the union college choir concert in reamer campus center

This is hard work. Drillers and scientists get muddy, wet and cold as cores are raised from depth and lowered to the deck. The high altitude, dry air and wind make a hour shift a long grind. Scientists from the University of Pittsburgh get night duty.

Drilling goes on 24 hours a day to preserve the integrity of the core. Adding prep time and a round-trip commute from the hotel in Tarma leaves about six hours a day for rest.

An experience at the union college choir concert in reamer campus center

Two members of the all-Peruvian drill team extract a two-meter plastic sleeve of sediment from a section of casing and hand it over to the scientists who carefully clean, seal and label each tube.

They also send cursory observations of each core to their temporary lab at the hotel. An outsider might be forgiven for thinking the obvious: Each layer, ranging from one millimeter to several centimeters thick, represents an annual record. Homogenous, light gray mud suggests glacial runoff during an ice age.

Dark specks are plant matter from a highly productive lake during warmer temperatures. Bits of mollusk and crustacean shell come from a carbonate layer deposited during an interval when glaciers had vanished from the landscape. A sample of sediment shows shells characteristic of a carbonate layer.

By dating these events and cycles, they can understand if they were regional or global. A key question is how fast regional or global climate can change when tipping points are crossed.

But the climate record shows that stability is rare and change can come rapidly, particularly at the regional level. When you look at the geologic data and consider what we have done to the radiative balance of Earth, you cannot help but get a little panicked.

These are big, multi-million dollar projects with a long queue. The team was comprised of scientists who offer a special skill—an analytical lab, for example—and who have played roles in other large lake drills.The Union College Student Ambassadors (UCSA) volunteer their time throughout the summer and academic year to help make Union a better place for current and future students.

The group assists the Admissions Office in introducing new students and guests to campus life and facilities. Choir and the All-Campus and Community Chorale at the Long Center for Performing Arts, downtown Lafayette.

Our busy Catholic Center The Union Club Hotel THANK YOU, CORPORATE PARTNERS Kara Miller and Karen You at the College Ring-In concert. More than 30 ringers attended the annual convention in Princeton, N.J. Whether your families are visiting, or not, Homecoming Weekend is one of the most memorable weekends during a Union College academic year.

From athletic events left and right, to guest speakers, and even local events around the community, there are plenty of things to do this weekend to enjoy the beautiful weather. Alumni clubs are organized wherever local alumni wish to use such an organization as a center of their college activity.

The College’s quarterly magazine, Union College, is sent to all alumni and to parents of undergraduates. About Union College A Brief History. Union College traces its beginnings to On Wednesday, May 23rd, I attended the Union College Choir concert in the Reamer Campus Center.

The choir performed a variety of songs, ranging from pieces in Latin to traditional American folksongs. Two of the pieces featured solos, and one even featured percussion instruments.

The College Choir Concert On Wednesday, May 23rd, I attended the College Choir concert in the Reamer Campus Center. The choir performed a variety of songs, ranging from pieces in Latin to traditional American folksongs.

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