An analysis of knowledge management and its impact on social networks and innovation

Andrew B Hargadon This paper presents a model of innovation, knowledge brokering, that explains how some organizations are able to routinely innovate by recombining their past knowledge in new ways. While existing theories of organizational learning and innovation are useful, the links between them are crucial for understanding how existing knowledge becomes the raw materials from which individuals in organizations construct innovative solutions. This model develops these links by grounding processes of learning and innovation in the larger social context within which they occur. Using a microsociological perspective, this article draws together research spanning levels of analysis to explain innovation as the dissembling and reassembling of extant ideas, artifacts, and people.

An analysis of knowledge management and its impact on social networks and innovation

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Knowledge Management, Social Networks and Innovation Essay Sample We know that the innovation is the power to push the development of our society, and organizations are the pioneer of innovation, at the same time people find that knowledge management KM is the most important way to support innovation, so The KM has become a important field of increasing practical interest to managers, professionals, and also to organizational consultants.

But what is knowledge management? How could it support the innovation? The development of social media offers a great channel for companies to enhance their knowledge management, at the same time also create a better innovation environment.

Social networks have been at the core of human society since we were hunters and gatherers.

Knowledge Management, Social Networks and Innovation | Essay Example

People were tied together through their relations with one another and their dependence on one another. So we can find that the development of social network is changing the way of our living, the way of doing business.

Since that most of us are not very clear about the concept and the function of social network and social media, and how can social network support companies on innovation, so in this pepper we are going to do some research with the analysis of the social media strategy of American Express help people to understand more about them.

An analysis of knowledge management and its impact on social networks and innovation

Others have argued that a KBV provides strategic guidance, enabling a firm in a competitive and dynamic environment to arrange their internal activities to optimize their use of knowledge for competitive advantage and for growth Conner and Prahalad ; Kogut and Zander Moreover, the importance of KM within organizations has dramatically risen due to the fast grow of globalization, the acceleration in the rate of technological change, or the need to share best practices Zack, a; Mehta, So processes and practices that firms utilize in order to manage knowledge are really important for attaining strategic objectives by harnessing complexity and making the best use of existing resources and capabilities Zack, a; Zollo and Winter, It could be forecasted that empirical study of social network would occupy an important position in the field of management and the guiding role of the research would become more obvious.

Yonghai, Y, Several years ago, one of the major challenges in knowledge management is to explore creative ways to convert the tacit knowledge base in organisations into explicit knowledge Nonaka, But with the development of social network and social media, this challenge seems already had a good solution.

Now more and more researchers have already realized the importance of social networks and social Medias to the KM.

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Knowledge management Recently, knowledge management KM has already been recognized as a key instrument to improve effectiveness and performance in the organization Zack et al.

The American Productivity and Quality Center AQPC defines KM as a conscious strategy of getting the right knowledge to the right people at the right time and helping people share and put information into action in ways that will improve organizational performance. The development of social network and social media Although Scholars gave a lot of different definitions of social network, but a lot of common features existed among them, such as relevance, systematic, complexity, dynamism and universality.

With the developing of internet, the web2.

The importance of social networks for innovation diffusion and processes of social change is widely recognized in many areas of practice and scientific disciplines. Social networks have the potential to influence learning processes, provide opportunities for problem-solving, and establish new ideas. The impact of knowledge management and social capital on dynamic capability in organizations Jurriaan van Reijsen1 In the data analysis section, we reveal the . Detecting, Connecting and Facilitating Informal Networked Learning in Organizations Maarten de Laat organizational learning and knowledge management practices based on meaningful day-to-day learning social networks and how they impact organizational change and learning is the research focus on if this.

The development of Social Media figure 1 offers a great channel for companies to enhance their knowledge management and their ability on innovation. According to the figure 1, we can see that the first recognizable social network site launched in But users still could not create profiles or list Friends until years later.

Unfortunately inthe service closed. But its founder believes that SixDegrees.The paper aims to introduce social network analysis as a useful methodology for organisations and managers to use to analyse how collaboration for knowledge management for innovation efforts is.

Purpose – This article seeks to clarify the role of knowledge management in innovation as an aid to addressing this complexity. The article seeks to identify the drivers for application of knowledge management in innovation.

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It also details the nature of the role of knowledge management in innovation as well as its value proposition. social network analysis: concepts and selected applications Social network analysis (SNA) is the formal analysis of relationships among agents, groups, or entities.

Relationships may be formed at one level (e.g., between two persons) or at different levels (e.g., between. Knowledge appears to be flowing through online social networks. Findings also include the confirmation of Dunbar's number, and reaffirming the strength of "weak ties" as originally proposed by Granovetter.

The paper proposes the new concept of temporary ties that are aided through social networks. It also describes the work in progress and .

social capital on dynamic capability in organizations Jurriaan van Reijsen1 Remko Helms1,2 Ronald Batenburg1,3 and knowledge of its impact on the world and the capability to 2 The impact of knowledge management and social capital Jurriaan van .

Knowledge management as an organizational innovation has been with Unilever for more than a decade and is regarded as an invaluable commodity that is embedded in their products (especially high-technology products) and .

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