Advantages on having neighbour

Anna Newell Jones Some people are very fortunate to have great neighbors that they interact with every day. I happen to be lucky in that area.

Advantages on having neighbour

Advantages on having neighbour

Buy Now You can pick your friends, but you can't pick your neighbors. If you are lucky, you have good neighbors. But some neighbors are not pleasant and can make your life miserable at times.

If you have good neighbors, consider yourself blessed. Neighbors can play an important role in our community and our lives, and remember, you are a neighbor too. What's a good neighbor? By definition a neighbor is someone who lives close by you, but "close" is a relative term. For the citydweller, the neighbor is probably someone in the next apartment, but for the urban family, the neighbor is a bit further away.

And for those who live out in rural areas, the neighbor may live a mile or two away. But what's a good neighbor? A good neighbor is friendly and considerate.

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Though good neighbors may live close, they respect your space and privacy. Good neighbors wave at you, may stop to pet your dog and chat, and buy lemonade from your children. Good neighbors take time to talk and smile. They reach out to connect to you.

Good neighbors' actions support community.

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A good neighbor looks out for others. This idea is illustrated in communities throughout the United States who have developed neighborhood watches. To deter crime and violence neighborhood watches comprised of people who are good neighbors have developed. Their goal is to keep watch on each other's homes so if a burglar is prowling about, or suspicious people are casing out someone's home, a watchful neighbor calls the proper authorities to investigate the situation.

Good neighbors help each other. For example, in my community we sometimes get heavy snowfall. When this happens, younger people in the community go out and shovel for people who are older or who have medical problems that prevent them from shoveling.

Also, people help each other when cars get stuck, a common occurrence during the winter months.There are advantages and disadvantages to living in a small town.

You are likely to have more frequent contact with neighbors in a small town than you would in a larger town or city, so it is important to take into account the pros and cons of having privacy.

A good neighbor is one who maintains the exterior of the house and lawn at least at the same level as the rest of the neighborhood. You don’t want your house to . Benefits of Meeting the Neighbors Moving your household may have an impact on your family.

You’re faced with finding a home in a new neighborhood, packing all . Having acted as a mediator in many neighbour disputes I can fully support the view that it is a far better option than a trial.

Almost in every case an agreement has been reached that could not have been ordered by a court and both sides have saved considerable expense and anxiety. Good neighbor relationships have social advantages.

If you get along well with your neighbors, they may invite you to parties and other events that get you out of your apartment. Sometimes, you might even throw parties together.

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