A book analysis of the americans by robert frank

Motorcycles and racial divisions are among the motifs that help to unify The Americans, along with jukeboxes, crosses, televisions, luncheonettes, cowboy hats, fedoras, cigars, highways, the old and the young, lonely offices, huge automobiles, run-down parks, blowhard politicians and American flags. Frank observed all of these things during years of cross-country wanderings, funded partly by the Guggenheim Foundation. He had stated on his grant application that the project would be driven by "what one naturalized American finds to see in the United States that signifies the kind of civilization born here and spreading elsewhere. Trained as a photographer in Switzerland, he once said he knew after World War II that his future lay elsewhere:

A book analysis of the americans by robert frank

He gave quiet but effective support to emerging photographers, including Robert Frank.

Why was “The Americans” so influential?

That was Robert Frank: Photographer and Hugh Edwards arranged the show. Here is the letter from Edwards inviting Frank to exhibit. It seems so long since I was in New York and talked with you on the telephone that I am afraid you have forgotten the conversations we had in regard to an exhibition.

Since I came back to Chicago, I have been very busy and knew you had little time to be bothered with correspondence.

Robert Frank’s “The Americans”: Timeless Lessons Street Photographers Can Learn

However, I have not forgotten that you said you might be interested in a show and my experience with The Americans have been so many since my return that I am writing you at last, still with the hope that we may have an exhibition here.

In the last week I have completed an exhibition schedule so that I am able to give you, if you are still interested, some idea of when the show would take place. How would the period of April 28 through June 11 of next year suit you? I remember you said you would like to have some delay and although these dates-almost a year in the future-may seem distant, the time will pass much faster than we think.

I have had the museum store stock the American edition of your book.

A book analysis of the americans by robert frank

They have sold a number of copies and there is steady demand for it. We have both the French and American editions in the print room and they have been enthusiastically received by many young photographers who come here to look at the prints in our collection.

I hope this does not have too pompous a sound for I feel your work is the most sincere and truthful attention paid to the American people for a long time.

It is a real privilege to have known your pictures in their first freshness and newness. Someday they will spread to everyone and even the most sterile and analytical of intellectuals will except them at last.

I should greatly appreciate hearing from you as soon as possible in regard to what you think about the exhibition so that I may put it definitely in the schedule of exhibitions.

I hope to be in New York again, at least in the early fall, and talk with you again. As typewriters and telephones are instruments of inhibition for me, I regret I could not arrange a meeting during those days I was there this spring.

Yours sincerely, Hugh Edwards, Curator of Photography. The letter appears at http: It is the second item, following an appreciation by Danny Lyon.Financed by a Guggenheim fellowship, over two years Frank took more than 28, shots, which he gradually winnowed to the 83 images he arranged in The Americans, his groundbreaking book of photographs.5/5(4).

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The current English language version of Frank’s ‘The Americans’ published by Steidl is available from the Amazon link below or from many other book stores. Categories SYNOPSIS Tags book, club, frank, guggenheim, kerouac, les americains, photobook, photography, robert, synopsis, the americans.

This is the photo book that redefined what a photo book could be — personal, poetic, real. Now celebrating its 50th anniversary, Robert Frank’s masterpiece still holds up — the selection of photos, and their sequence and pacing is .

Kerouac said, “Robert Frank he sucked a sad poem right out of America onto film, taking rank among the tragic poets of the world.” Contemporary artist and photographer Ed Ruscha said: “Seeing THE AMERICANS in a college bookshop was a stunning, ground-trembling experience for me.

A book analysis of the americans by robert frank

The Americans is a photographic book by Robert Frank which was highly influential in post-war American photography. It was first published in France in , and the following year in the United States. The photographs were notable for their distanced view of both high and low strata of American society.


“The Americans” is a photography book by Swiss-born Robert Frank, published first in France () and then in the US (). It consisted of 83 photographs, with only one photograph per page. I am certain that many of you are familiar with Robert Frank and “The Americans”.

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